What Does Dream Stage Do?

Dream Stage is a responsive website designed for people in Massachusetts who dream to be actors, actresses, directors, screenwriters or others related to the film and theater industry, especially for those beginners who cannot afford fancy education in drama schools or universities and feel hard to take their first step into the field. It establishes a social network for film and theater creatives in Massachusetts, offers a platform that collects all kind of film and theater information, and encourages beginners to join, start, as well as pitch their projects by having a separated project page.

Target User

People, especially beginners, in Massachusetts who pursue dream in the film and theater industry.

Design Process and My Role
  •  Research, Persona, Scenario, User Flow Sketch, Wireframe, User Testing, Prototype.
  • It’s a personal thesis project. I am in charge of the whole design process.




The Research and Story Behind

The research results above reveals that the film and theater industry is all about network. beginners need to find their introducer in the field. It might easy for some people who can afford education in drama schools or universities. However, for those who cannot afford this, they have to go through tons of websites to look for classes, events, or jobs that suit them, and work their heart out to have someone who would like to lead them into this field.

Aside from  introducer, beginners also need projects as their stepping-stones. Many creatives are lucky to have school class projects with their classmates’ help. But still some of them do not have chance like this, they have to look for projects that they can join or get new ideas, find partners, and create their own projects. No matter in what way, it is going to be a very long and hard time before they finish their very first projects, since there is not a platform only for advertising this kind of nonprofit projects.

Therefore, in order to make it easier for beginners in Massachusetts to enter the film and theater industry, I decided to design a responsive website which collects all the film and theater information about jobs, classes, events and other problem solutions in this state, build a network for people here in this field and help them get their own projects done.


  • Establish a social network for film and theater creatives in Massachusetts, especially for beginners who feel hard to enter this fields.
  • Offer a platform for beginners to join projects or start their own projects.
  • Collect all the information in Massachusetts like jobs, classes, events and others about film and theater for beginners, and also offer a place for them to discuss their problems and work.

Persona, Scenario, and User Flow

Taylor Owens

Age: 25
University: Bunker Hill community college
Education: Bachelor’s degree in Accounting
Occupation: Waitress; $3k/month
Location: Boston, MA


After Taylor graduate from college, she does not know what to do for a while, because no jobs can attract her eyes. But recently, she finds her interest in acting while playing a role for her church event. She does not have any friends in the film industry or theater, and feels hard to enter this field,and she cannot afford to study in drama school, so she wants to have acting classes that she can afford in Boston, know more people in this field and finally starts acting somewhere.

User Flow Sketch

  • Get to know creatives in the film and theater industry.
  • Find all kinds of acting classes that she can afford in Boston.
  • Start auditioning and find a movie or theater to act.

Antonio Francesco

Age: 32
University: Holyoke Community College
Education: Certificates in Sports Management
Occupation: Fitness Trainer; $3.6K/month
Location: Boston, MA



Antonio is a fitness trainer. He builds good relationships with his customers before and after training classes by telling them interesting stories that he makes up. All of his customers recommend him to try writing them down. Thus, he decides to learn screenwriting in a class and to write a script. Recently he finds hard in writing an important part. He can ask his instructor and classmate for help in class on next Wednesday, which means he has to wait for three days to get the answer. He wants to find a way to get help as soon as possible and get answers from as many people as possible, and he also wants to know where he can pitch his script after finishing it.

User Flow Sketch

  • Look for a place where creatives can discuss their problems and get answers as soon as possible.
  • Look for a platform where people can pitch his script.
Pitch Event

Derek Avila
Age: 30
University: Northeastern University
Education: Master’s Degree in Computer Science
Occupation: Database Programmer; $8K/month
Location: Boston, MA



Derek has a movie dream since he was a child, but his parents do not support him, so that he decides to make his dream come true on his own. Recently he has saved enough money for shooting a movie and had three friends would like to do this with him, but he does not have a story. He wants to find a group of people in Boston who would like to come up a movie script and shoot a movie together. He also wants some advice to remind him of what he should notice before or during shooting.

User Flow Sketch

  • Find enough members to start a team project.
Start a Project
  • Get advice and information about what they should notice when they shoot a movie in Boston.



User Test Based on Wireframe

  • Need to make ‘Find People’ button more stand out on Network page.
  • Add comment, like and share button under every discussion topic.
  • Make comment hierarchy more clear to read.

Visual Design


  • I name the website “Dream Stage” because I hope it can help dreamers make their stage dream come true.
  • The logo is composed of a pair of wings and a piece of film. The film stands for the film and theater industry, and the wings stand for flying dreams.