What Does Good2Go do?

Good2Go is a food delivery app which offers all kinds of delicious and healthy homemade food for college students. It saves students’ time from cooking and gives them multiple choices rather than high-calorie fast food served in campus cafeterias. With this app, students can read detailed information about food ingredients, pre-order their food, track them after they are delivered, and also give feed back and share photos about the food they have tried.

Target User

College students who do not have much time to cook but want to eat healthy.

Design Process and My Role
  • Research, Persona, Scenario, Wireframe, User Flow, Prototype
  • Originally it’s a team project for mobile design course, but I re-design it by myself. Research, Persona, and Scenario are team work, while User Flow Sketch, Wireframe and Prototype are my individual work.


The Research and The Story Behind

Today’s college students want more lifestyle choices available to them to enhance traditional on-campus life, a diverse and healthier diet is one of them.  They are not satisfied with foods from school cafeterias, most of which are greasy, high-calorie and not tasty, and also they do not have too much time for cooking because they have tight schedules. Thus, we attempt to provide a mobile app which offer all kinds of homemade delicious healthy food. Students can pre-order, track and review their food with only a few steps of tapping.

Persona and Scenario


Tracy Miller

Northeastern University student
Fourth year at the college
Comes from a multiracial family with Chinese,Thai, and American descent
Lives on campus now
Does not have meal plan in college
Likes using social app to share her life with others.


Tracy usually cooks by herself. But since now she is in her fourth year the college and on a very tight schedule, and besides there is no kitchen in her dorm, she eats out a lot.Today Tracy has a math class from 11:45 am to 1:15 pm, after that there is a recruit meeting waiting for her from 2:00pm to 5:00pm, which means she only have 45 minutes to have lunch.

However, she gets bored with unhealthy food that offered around the school, and really misses Thai food that her Mom usually cooked for her at home.Thus she downloads the APP, opens it as a guest. Pin the location where she will pick up her delivery in the map, and then menu comes up which shows categories of food. She opts for Thai food. The Thai food menu pops up with the image. She taps images into the detail page to check the foods’ ingredients, calories, rating and reviews, and then adds Tom Yum Kung and Red Curry Crab to the cart. When she checks out, the page shows that she has to sign up. So she signs up for account and chooses the delivery time to be 1:20pm and then pay the bills through the app.

After Tracy tries the Tom Yum Kung and Red Curry Crab, she thought the Tom Yum Kung is tasty but the Red Curry Crab is not as good as she expected. She wants to share her experience to others who might order them. She opens the Good2Go app, and sees a notification that says she can go to Account History Order page to write a review about what she ordered. The History Order page shows what she ordered with two action buttons Write a Review and “Camera” button, she taps a Write a Review button to rate the food and give her opinions and then taps the Camera to upload the food picture she takes.

Wireframe and User Flow

Icon and Color



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