What Does Weather On Road App do?

Weather On Road is a car panel weather app. With it the driver can know the weather of their trip in real time. It offers information about current weather in drivers’ current location, 12 hour weather forecast of any city, and a map view that can display current conditions within 50 miles. Moreover, it can alert the driver of potentially hazardous conditions to keep them driving safely.

Target User

Vehicle drivers.

My Role

It is the personal project for Usability & Human Interaction Course. I designed it all by myself.

The Story Behind

today’s automobile includes increasing levels of digital technology, including in-dashboard touch screens that can support a variety of applications.  In order to combine this technology into a way that can reduce car accidents caused by dangerous road conditions and other weather events, I decided to design a real-time weather app that can keep drivers driving safely.


  • The current weather (based on the car’s current location).
  • The 12-hour forecast for the current location and up to five other locations entered and saved by the user.
  • A map view that can display current conditions within a 50 or 100 mile radius of the car’s current location.
  • The ability to display weather alerts that can alert the driver of potentially hazardous conditions such as icy roads, flash flooding, or other weather events within the area.

Design Prototype


The Current Weather Screen



The 12-h Forecast Screen



The Weather Map Screen



The Alert Screen


I decided to make it tap screen rather than scroll screen because when users are driving, scrolling is more distracting than tapping and it can cause more false operation.

































I use different images with the weather feature as background, so that drivers can intuitively know the weather by background color and brightness. Also there is a radio like button on the right of the bottom. Users can hear the weather report by tapping it. I set up this button because I think watching the screen is more distracting while users are driving than listening.

Typography and Color