Hi! My name is Kunmin Gao. You can also call me Mandy.

I am a UX/UI designer and believe good design sometimes can represent a life style, like the design of Instagram and Airbnb. They both represent a minimalistic and delicate life style that I admire. I want to incorporate this minimalism style into my design in the future. 

I am also a writer and like to write stories. Some of my stories are in English, but most of them are in Chinese, and two of them have been published on a Chinese magazine. I think my storytelling skill help me a lot when I do user research. Because when I am trying to figure out what users want from a product through interviews, I actually am exploring users’ stories. Since I know what kind of information will make stories interesting and complete, then I know what questions I should ask users  to understand their whole experience and stories.

Aside from writing, I spend my leisure time reading, traveling and hanging out with my friends. Moreover, I have a great interest in coffee and want to try all kinds of coffee in different cafe around the city with my friends.